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Construction Surveillance

Construction Surveillance

Twenty-five years ago, the U.S. government discovered that the Chancery Building of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow had been compromised by numerous eavesdropping and technical surveillance systems during construction. Until then, construction security for high-security areas had been primarily focused on design rather than surveillance. Today, the global war on terrorism has increased awareness and concern about potential threats—both at home and abroad.

USIS Construction Surveillance Services ensure the security and integrity of international and domestic U.S. government construction sites by proactively deterring the access of unauthorized personnel and materials onto the construction site; and, by preventing the implantation of clandestine surveillance devices into the building frame and systems during construction.

Cleared American Guards Provide Comprehensive Perimeter Controls

Access control begins with establishing strategically placed access points along the perimeter in coordination with the US Government Site Security Manager (SSM). USIS CAGs are 100 percent responsible for the inspection of people, packages, bags, boxes, crates, vehicles and preventing the introducing of unauthorized material on the construction site or in secure storage areas.  Our personnel identify all persons accessing these sensitive sites and ensure only authorized personnel are appropriately badged for access. Perimeter surveillance is also conducted through closed-circuit television and intrusion detection systems.

Construction Surveillance Technicians Proactively Deter

Unauthorized Materials & Construction Deviations

USIS CSTs monitor all aspects of construction activity as well as the materials used in sensitive and classified areas.  They prevent the implantation of clandestine surveillance devices into buildings during construction; and, ensure security anomalies or hazards are not being built into facilities. This includes maintaining daily logs of activity and events and reporting suspicious activity and deviations from construction drawings and plans.

USIS Maintains a Quality Workforce

In order to ensure USIS is ready to meet the demands of providing efficient, high quality security services, we are seeking talented security professionals who act with integrity, have a keen ability to collaborate and work across boundaries, and who understand the importance of delivering consistently high quality and timely results to our clients. We provide growth opportunities for those who share in our commitment to integrity, teamwork, and quality by offering paid training, advancement of career path, sponsored security clearances for uncleared and/or under cleared individuals and the opportunity for worldwide travel.

Previous experience as a Marine Security Guard or Seabee and/or specialized experience in construction security surveillance, technical surveillance countermeasures, industrial or government security involving counterintelligence, construction quality assurance or hands-on supervisory construction are important for several of our openings.

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